Saturday, December 23, 2017

January 19th & 20th Class

Let the New Year start with our first class for 2018 with these lil cuties. January 19th & 20th 10:30-1:30 $25. Seats are limited so please contact me to confirm your spot. Also please know that if you request a spot in class but you can’t make it, I understand, things happen. However you have committed to a kit for the class. I can always drop it in the mail if you can’t make it, but you must keep the kit you requested. I prefer prepayment either with PayPal or a check is fine too. For my regulars that come to all my classes that prefer cash that’s fine too, continue with what ever works best. My Paypal is my email Easy Peasy! Let’s all have a wonderful Christmas, I wish all of you all the best and I will see you after the holidays.